Product Introductions

The new CF2+ Wireless Floor Heating and Cooling Control

Room by room temperature control in the palm of your hand. The new CF2+ wireless control system allows you to install a comfort-improving and energy-saving floor heating and cooling system in just a few hours. 
With no need to hardwire individual room thermostats, the wireless CF2+ can be installed and commissioned in an instant. And it works perfectly, with extremely reliable 2-way communi-cation between all CF2+ components. The system also allows you to perform a link test in seconds, at any time.

Based on the highly successful CF2 system, CF2+ takes things to the next level. The system offers you everything you had before + a whole lot more besides.

Easy installation
There is no need for cables or electricians to install the new CF2+ system. Simply ‘connect' each individual CF Room thermostat wirelessly to the Master Controller in 3 easy steps. 10 seconds later, you are ready to mount it wherever your customer wants it to be.

Freedom to choose
CF2+ offers you everything you need. To begin with, there are 4 different CF Room thermostats to meet all customer demands. Then we offer 2 different CF Master Controllers to meet all your requirements regarding the number of rooms. There is also a full range of value-adding accessories to optimise your chosen system. These include everything from the practical and intuitive CF Remote Controller to the Repeater Unit that helps connect larger systems. We even offer a Wireless Relay and a Pipe Sensor for automatic changeover between heating and cooling. CF2+ simply covers it all.

For all applications
CF2 was widely regarded as the best choice for floor heating control applications. With CF2+ we have optimized cooling control as well. CF2+ will perfectly suit your needs in all heating and especially cooling applications, regardless of whether you are installing a 2-pipe, 3-pipe of 4-pipe system. With the new CF Dew Point Sensor, Pipe Temperature Sensor and Wireless Relay, everything is possible.

CF2 features
Easy installation
2-way wireless communication
Wide product range
Room thermostat with infrared sensor
Manual heating / cooling changeover

CF2+ additional features
+ Automatic heating / cooling changeover
+ Dew Point Sensor, Pipe Sensor, Wireless Relay
+ Intelligent Forecast feature for time programming
+ Low Energy Optimizer feature for heat pumps

We hope that you will find all the information you need on CF2+ here. If you would like any further information please contact your local Danfoss sales office who will be pleased to help.