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Svyturio Arena - Klaipeda, Lithuania

Svyturio Arena - Klaipeda, Lithuania

Project: 2011 European Basketball Championship Centre: 'Svyturio Arena'
Location: Klaipeda, Lithuania
Application: All engineering systems
It is a 4 story building covering the area of about 23 000 m2. Svyturio Arena has the capacity of 7 thousand people, and it can seat up to 5,500 spectators in a basketball game. Arena will be equipped with 29 VIP suites leased by the largest companies in Klaipeda for 3, 5 or 10 years. The parking area around Svyturio Arena can guarantee parking for 1250 cars.
Hundreds of Danfoss automatic balancing valves, TRVs, floor heating controls and a great number of other valves will ensure perfect control and operation of all heating, ventilation and cooling systems in Svyturio Arena in Klaipeda, the third-largest city in Lithuania, which will host one of the groups of EuroBasket 2011. The arena will visually resemble a catamaran, which suits the geographical location of the city.

In Klaipeda Danfoss was selected as the main and the only supplier as we were able to offer solutions for all heating and cooling systems. Besides, Danfoss has a high reputation among installers and good relations with them. To make all engineering systems operate properly during this bigger than ever historical event for Lithuania was a great challenge not only for them but for Danfoss as well.
Products installed in the following engineering systems:
Radiator heating system: MSV-I manual balancing valves, RLV lockshield valves, RAW radiator thermostats
Floor heating system: MSV-I manual balancing valves, FHF manifolds, FH-WC wiring centre for hard wired floor heating systems
Fan coil ventilation systems – VZL zone, TWA thermal actuators valves,
Fan coil heating systems - VZL zone, MSV manual balancing valves, TWA thermal actuators valves,
Air handling unit heating application - AB-QM pressure independent balancing & control valves, AME actuators
Air handling unit cooling application – VRG seated valves, MSV manual balancing valves, AME actuators , Heating substation – JipLD ball valves, MSV manual balancing valves, VRG, VM, VS seated valves, AMV actuators, XB heat exchangers

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