Air handling units

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  • Air handling units provide air to every room in your hotel at just the right temperature. 


    But they can be costly and, when not working properly, a source of guest complaints. 


    Danfoss solutions for air handling units ensure improved indoor comfort. They also help decrease commissioning time, increase energy efficiency, give full system control and reduce maintenance time. 


    This is thanks to our ability to maintain perfect hydronic balance during varying building load conditions. 


    With Danfoss units in variable flow, pressure independent balancing valves give you both control and balance in the same valve to ensure top control performance and energy savings. In constant flow, motorized control valves are matched with reliable and compact balancing valves to ensure stability and fewer fluctuations.


    What’s in it for you?



    • Precise temperature control 
    • Peak load management
    • Balancing and perfect control performance 
    • Energy and cost savings 



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