Central heating and cooling

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  • If your office uses a central heating system, Danfoss can help you reduce costs and maintain a clean, quiet and dependable source of heat for your building.

    We offer a broad range of products and components related to boilers, heat pumps and chillers. All of these have on/off control and are easy to install and commission.

    Our burner components for boilers can be used for a large number of pump variants and are leak and odour free.

    Our heat pumps are the quietest on the market and are an excellent way to reduce CO2 emissions - without compromising system performance.

    By equipping your chiller applications with Danfoss components, you will get a perfect balance of control, ease of wiring and flexible commissioning.


    What’s in it for you?


    • Reliable comfort
    • Low cost
    • Reduced CO2 emissions
    • Ease of maintenance
    • Efficiency
    • Safety





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