Substations and control components for district heating and cooling

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  • If your office building uses district heating and cooling, you can count on Danfoss’ many years of experience to help you build the most sustainable, reliable and cost-efficient system.  

    Danfoss has been a pioneer in district heating technology and we are now the world’s biggest and most trusted supplier of complete advanced substations, heat exchangers and automatic controls.

    Whether you choose to install one of our district heating substations in your hotel or choose separate control components, we can help optimize issues like: temperature control, anti-oscillation, sizing, installation and commissioning, flow, maintenance, noise, peak load management, energy consumption, network balancing, heat transfer, system monitoring and much more.


    What’s in it for you?


    • Safety
    • Reliability
    • Improved performance
    • Precise temperature control and balancing 
    • Energy and cost efficiency



  • Benefits of differential pressure and flow controllers in DH or cooling systems (variable flow)

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