Domestic hot water

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  • It is 7:00am and most of your hotel guests are in the shower.  
    Will there be enough hot water? 
    It is just one of the things that can give hotel managers nightmares. Another is legionella.  
    With Danfoss systems you never need to worry about legionella or guests complaining about insufficient or cold water in their bathrooms.
    Our domestic hot water solutions include water heaters that can be connected to multiple tanks as well as storage and charge systems, hot water valves that prevent legionella and temperature controllers. When used together, these combine the demand for high performance, comfort, hygiene and resource efficient operation – even during peak loads. 
    What’s in it for you?
    • High performance 
    • Comfort 
    • Hygiene 
    • Resource efficient operation 
    • Reduced risk of legionella contamination 
    • Low operating costs 


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