Floor heating for even heat distribution

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  • Floor heating is one way to drastically improve your guests’ comfort. Because it requires lower supply temperature, it will help you save on utility bills too. 


    Floor heating requires no floor space in the room, makes for easier cleaning and less airborne dust, and it dries out bath water on floors – things that will make a big difference for your guests and for your housekeeping and facilities management staff. 


    Because floor heat is spread evenly throughout the room and can be remotely controlled, it works well outside of guest rooms, too. Bathrooms, larger common areas, restaurants, bars, wellness areas, spa & pool areas, lobbies, conference rooms and business areas can all be improved with Danfoss floor heating solutions.


    Floor heating can be installed outdoors in the driveway or on the roof top as well, where it ensures that snow and ice will never be an issue. That means improved safety for your guests and longevity for your hotel roof.


    What’s in it for you?



    • Even heat distribution 
    • Warm floors for optimal comfort
    • Easier and faster housekeeping and reduced dust
    • Energy savings
    • Fewer wet floors
    • Easier snow and ice removal



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