Comfortable hotel room radiator heating

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  • Your hotel rooms are probably very similar, but your guests have unique preferences –especially when it comes to the temperature and comfort of their room.

    Providing guests with quick and reliable heating control can be challenging, though, because so many factors are at play.  

    The Danfoss Dynamic Valve™ helps balance these factors. 

    Danfoss Dynamic Valve™ has a 2-in-1 valve design that combines a thermostatic radiator valve and a differential pressure controller. This means precise temperature control and automatic hydronic balancing in a single product. 

    Just as important, it is great looking. The innovative technology does not compromise on design and fits well with sophisticated hotel interiors and bathrooms where aesthetics are important.


    What is in it for you?


    • Flexibility & easy setting 
    • Energy efficient solution 
    • Modern design
    • Comfort for guests
    • Reliable operation



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