Heating or cooling with Floor heating in Office Buildings

  • Sunshine between office buildings
  • Floor heating is a great way to drastically improve indoor comfort in your building. It is a good way to save on utility bills, too. 

    Floor heating is one of the most comfortable kinds of heat because it is spread evenly throughout the room. It eliminates the need for radiators, freeing up floor space in the room and resulting in a cleaner working environment with less dust in the air. 

    Danfoss can help you build a floor heating system with optimal hydronic balance using Danfoss ASV automatic balancing valves on each floor. These prevent pressure fluctuations and ensure even heat distribution throughout the entire building. 

    Room temperature can be controlled in individual rooms with Danfoss room thermostats, which ensure superb levels of indoor comfort while avoiding heating rooms unnecessarily. 


    What’s in it for you?


    • Even heat distribution 
    • Warm floors for optimal comfort
    • Cleaner indoor environment
    • Energy savings



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