Heating with Radiator termostats in Office Buildings

  • Office buildings
  • Your office’s indoor climate affects employees’ attitudes, productivity and creativity.

    That’s why optimising indoor comfort makes good business sense. 

    With the right mix of automatic balancing valves and individual room temperature control from Danfoss, you can optimise comfort and save on energy bills. 

    To establish the necessary hydronic balance in your overall heating system, Danfoss ASV automatic balancing valves are installed on each floor to prevent pressure fluctuations and ensure even heat distribution throughout the entire building. Individual room temperature can then be individually controlled via Danfoss room thermostats. The temperature can be separately set for each room, ensuring superb levels of indoor comfort while avoiding unnecessary heating.  

    What’s in it for you?


    • Improved tenant/employee comfort
    • Reduced energy usage
    • Precision heating control of each room


  • Radiator thermostats application drawing for office buildings

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