Solutions for Hotels

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  • Providing your guests with a comfortable stay is first and foremost about the basics: ensuring comfortable indoor temperatures and plenty of hot water. 

    While that may seem simple, finding energy and cost efficient ways of doing so are not. 

    Danfoss solutions can help you. 

    With years of experience in assisting hotel owners, hotel management and technical staff, we have proven that reliability, energy efficiency and cost savings can be achieved at the same time. 

    Danfoss’ tailored solutions for hotels can be used in your renovation or new build projects, are easy to install and can save you up to 20% on your energy bill.   


    What is in it for you?


    • Indoor comfort with accurate temperature control and reliable supply
    • Anti-legionella protection
    • Easy installation, commissioning, management and maintenance
    • Reduced total cost of ownership due to energy and maintenance savings
    • One provider of entire energy efficient, sustainable solutions



  • Applications

    Danfoss can supply multiple solutions for your hotel -  whether you are a hotel owner, manager or member of the engineering staff.

    Click through these applications to see how and where Danfoss can help you.

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