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  • If you haven’t thought about the HVAC system in your office building, you should.

    That’s because HVAC systems, (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) account for most of the energy usage in office buildings.  

    And there is potential for huge savings in designing and improving them. Danfoss is a specialist in finding those savings.

    Whether it is in new build - where we can help in the design phase - or in renovation projects – where we can build custom solutions.  Using high performance, modern HVAC equipment like fan coil, air handling units, climate ceilings and chillers from Danfoss will provide considerable energy, emissions and cost savings without compromising comfort. 

    What’s in it for you?


    • Indoor comfort – stable temperature
    • Improved energy efficiency with reduced heating and cooling costs 
    • Quiet surroundings that optimize working environments
    • Easy installation, commissioning, management and maintenance
    • Building Integration and Controls (BACnet for collective control of all Building Automation Systems)




  • Applications

    A solution for every system
    Danfoss offers highly efficient solutions to optimize the heating and cooling system in office buildings. We have successfully installed our products within different applications, such as:

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