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  • How can Danfoss C.H. 4.1 software benefit you?

    With our software you can make the graphical design of new central heating installations, as well as the hydronic balancing of existing installations (e.g. for checking the hydraulic capability or for renovation purposes).
    Many different system types are supported:
    one or two pipe heating, vertical or horizontal, radiator or floor heating, terminal units, flat stations
     Smart software that just does the job
    You can size the diameters of pipes, calculate the hydraulic resistance for individual circuits, taking into account gravity pressure, resulting from water cooling in pipes and heat receivers. You can also reduce overpressure in circuits by adjusting initial presets of valves. 
    The program calculates the heat pump (in case of more circuits within one system) too. It automatically takes into account requirements on authorities for control valves, e.g. appropriate pressure drop on thermostatic radiator valves. Also all restrictions about max/min speed and max/min flow are checked.


    You can find additional information on the website of our software partner Sankom. 


  • Step 1: Request a license key

    Click below to request a license key for your language version.
    After you have received your license key, you can download the software in Step 2.

    Please note:
    The Russian and Ukrainian version can be downloaded directly in Step 2, without having to request a license key first.


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