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    Watch a selection of our latest videos about substations here on this page, or follow the links to our YouTube channel to see the complete collection of videos we offer. You will find both installation videos, documentaries and product introductions explaining the function of our products amongst other.

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  • Up to 3 hours faster hauling due to special features and the small size and weight of DSE Flex

    An introduction to DSE Flex and the details about this substation which will make your work easier.

  • DSA 1 MIDI - Installation Video

    Discover the possibilities with the innovative district heating substation DSA 1 MIDI from Danfoss. Learn how the station is installed and get tips and tricks about maintenance.

  • EvoFlat - discover an evolution in apartment heating and hot water

    Introduction movie of the Danfoss Evoflat flat station concept - an evolution within apartment heating and domestic hot water preparation.

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