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  • ECL Comfort - Electronic Controllers for District Heating

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    Open the below chapters to see how the turn dial works and how much easier it has become to set up the electronic controller in your heating system.

  • Flow Temperature Control

    At any time the ECL Comfort controller determines, controls and optimizes the flow temperature of the system. By conductiong weather compensation the controller relates the flow temperature to the outdoor temperature. This relationshp is called the heat curve. The heat curve is set and optimized by means of 6 coordinate points. The desired flow temperature is set at 6 pre-defined outdoor temperature values.

    Room Temperature Limitation

    To compensate for the difference between the desired and the actual room temperature the ECL controller adjusts the desired flow temperature. If the room temperature is higher than the desired value, the desired flow temperature can be reduced. The system performance is hereby optimized.

    Return Temperature Limitation

    The return temperature limitation in the system i crucial for optimizing energy efficiency. It is based on the outdoor temperature or a constat temperature value. Typically in district heating systems a higher return temperature is accepted at a decrease in outdoor temperature.


    The controller optimizes the start time of the scheduled temperature periods, Based on the outdoor temperature, the ECL controller automatically calculates when to start in order to reach the comfort temperature at the time set by the user.

    Selected Control Parameters

    ECL Comfort features a couple of unique control features contributin to higher comfort, energy optimization and longer system lifetime.

    By means of ECL auto tuning, parameters for control of domestic hot water production can be set up and optimized automatically. Motor protection prevents instability in the system, thus protecting the actuator and control valve against unnecessary activity. This results in up to 25 % longer component lifetime. 

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