Additional features, simple and fast use: this is the updated Heat Selector application

738x415_heat_selector_additional_features The Danfoss Heat Selector is a best-in-class online product selection tool that optimizes the planning process for heating application experts. New and updated version of the application goes live this week, ensuring users a more simple and adapted selection process.

- Wednesday, 22 November 2017 By Danfoss Heating

The Heat Selector enables fast and easy heating application selection. It provides you with the best solutions for your needs, based only on the most recent versions of products. It saves time in the product selection, enables comparison and guides you to the optimum product mix for the application at hand.

Recently, there was a Home page redesign and new functionalities were added in the My list. Home page now enables users to have a better overview of the product applications, while the toolbar is used easily and more intuitively. 

New functionalities of the My list can save the viewed and selected products, that are later on available for additional use. My list is one of the most helpful features of the Danfoss Heat Selector and its main functionality is saving documents in one place. 

With My list the previous calculations are available for use in just a few clicks, which results in the faster solution reccomendation for the application. This is done by reducing the number of clicks – from now on copy, edit and delete button is available. 

If you have already started or would like to start using Danfoss Heat Selector, these updates will optimise your work and ensure satisfying user experience. 

For more information about the Danfoss Heat Selector, take a look at the webinar where you will be presented with the use, updates, portfolio and other helpful information. The webinar is suitable for everyone who is already using or would like to start using the Heat Selector and you can watch it over and over again whenever it suits you.



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