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738x415_2017_heatselector_webinar The Danfoss Heat Selector is a best-in-class online product selection tool that optimizes the planning process for heating application experts. If you have already started or would like to start using Danfoss Heat Selector, join our webinar to gain some insight and firsthand information.

- Monday, 30 October 2017 By Danfoss Heating

The Heat Selector enables simple and fast heating application selection. It provides you with the best solutions for your needs, based only on the most recent versions of products. It saves time in the product selection, enables comparison and guides you to the optimum product mix for the application at hand. 

The Danfoss Heat Selector is created especially for the designing and consulting engineers and other experts of heating installations. The key features put it to the first line of the online selection tools. 

To ensure a simple and pleasant user experience, we are organizing an online training – webinar – on Friday, the 10th November 2017, from 10:00 to 11:00. The session will be hosted on the Danfoss Learning portal. Members can access directly by clicking the link below. If you haven't registered yet, you are kindly asked to go through the easy registration process – use the last link below.

During the webinar, the participants will be presented with the basics of the tool, its benefits and advantages. It will be shown where the tool can be found and how it is used. We will also take some time to explain how to select different products and show how to get the support from Danfoss.  

The webinar is suitable for everyone who is already using the tool and those who are still considering it. It will provide the users with a deeper overlook of all its features and help to improve the user experience. 

Join the webinar and simplify your planning process! 



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