Do you have to deal with noisy radiator systems?

Apartment building Milan 735x415 Noisy radiators are often a problem in 2-pipe heating systems. In this case story, installation of automatic balancing valves on the risers eliminated the problem – and returned additional energy savings by more than 10%.

- Friday, 14 July 2017 By DANFOSS HEATING

Noise from the radiator system started when all 810 radiators in five 9-storey residential buildings were retro-fitted with thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs). The TRVs were replacing the manual radiator valves as originally installed in 1965. While intended as an upgrade, the complaints started rolling in. Whistling sounds from the radiator system annoyed the residents, and the promised energy savings did not materialize.

Careful inspection and diagnosis of the problem, led Danfoss to propose the installation of 78 automatic balancing valves, ASV-PV + ASV-BD, in the risers. The solution solved the technical issue of pressure fluctuations, which is often the cause of system imbalances and noise problems.

Three years into operation, the system adaption with automatic balancing valves has returned an average annual energy saving of 14%. The payback time of the installation of automatic balancing valves was only two years.

Read the full case story with documented energy savings from 2014-2017.


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