Hot Water Valves

  • A better choice with MTCV

    The MTCV is developed to meet individual needs in domestic hot water systems and will prevent from Legionella growth. By means of a thermostatic balancing function the temperature can be varied within a range of 35 to 60 degrees Celsius. This will bring both water and energy savings and Legionella free tap and drinking water. The valve is made of lead free brass components and an Rg5 bronze valve body in accordance with regulations of European drinking water directive for sustainability.



  • Your Advantages

    Main benefits of the MTCV

    • Energy savings
    • Water savings
    • Improved comfort
    • Prevention from Legionella growth

    Lead-free brass

    The MTCV valve’s metal parts consist of lead-free brass components and an Rg5 bronze valve body in accordance with the regulations of the European Drinking Water Directive. The lead free brass is a step towards improving the quality of the drinking water and meets the requirements of sustainability.

    Meets individual needs

    MTCV basic version (A) – provides a thermostatic
    balancing function within the temperature range
    of 35 to 60 °C. For systems, where periodical thermal
    disinfection is required, the basic valve can
    easily be upgraded with the following modules:

    An automatic (self-acting) thermal disinfection
    module – version (B). This module incorporates a
    thermo element, which opens the valve to a preset
    disinfection flow, when the water temperature
    in the riser increases above 65 °C. Furthermore, it
    has a safety function that closes the flow completely,
    when the water temperature increases
    above 75 °C.

    An electronically controlled automatic disinfection
    module – version (C). This valve is upgraded with
    thermo actuators and temperature sensors, which
    are connected to a CCR2 electronic controller. The
    CCR2 controller constantly monitors the domestic
    hot water system to provide full control over the
    disinfection process in each riser.

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