Features & Benefits

  • Outdoor heating cables

    Heating cables are versatile cables with numerous applications including frost protection, ice and snow melting and many more.

    Our self-limiting heating cables are very flexible as the cables can be cut to length on site due to the parallel power supply of the cables. The self-limiting capability of the cable ensures that the output of the cable increases or decreases according to ambient temperature.

  • Ice and snow melting system

  • Your Advantages

    Easier installation and added flexibility

    The key to the new cable’s versatility and ease of installation is its round profile and flexible PVC sheath. Danfoss ECflex fits almost any application, from new builds to renovations and concrete floors to wood and laminate flooring, with or without using Danfoss Reflect insulation panels. The cold lead is securely riveted before being encapsulated for added security. It is also clearly visible to remove the risk of accidentally placing heated cable in the wall pipe. Danfoss ECflex can be installed at temperatures as low as -5 °C, greatly extending the potential installation season, especially in countries with cold climates.

    Watertight design

    The cold lead is attached to the heating cable using rivets and then initially sealed with a shrink tube to make sure it’s watertight and robust. It has a smaller diameter and is also round, to enable easier installation without compromising quality. The connection is then explicitly checked using computer technology. Any failing assemblies are removed.

    Quality tested

    Every cable is subjected to rigorous testing. The multi-point test regime includes Ohmic resistance, high voltage (11,000V) and material inspections to ensure the flawless quality of every Danfoss cable.

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