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  • Multi-functional controllers group
  • Multi-functional controllers (QT, QMT, PQT, etc)
    Modular design

    By means of a flexible and modular design, it is possible to combine several control functions into one controller to meet the most demanding requirements across a wide range of applications.

    In some applications, it may be necessary to control the flow temperature, limit maximum flow rate and primary return temperature by using a single multifunctional controller.

    A typical example of such a device is the AVQMT, which works like the AVQM but with an additional self-acting thermostat (type AVT / STM).

    The pressure-independent valve controls the temperature on the secondary side and the self-acting thermostat limits the return temperature. In domestic hot water systems, the thermostat can be used as a safety thermostat protecting users from scalding.


  • Introduction to differential pressure controllers

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