Features & Benefits

  • Quickly connect and configure your ECL controller

    The Danfoss OPC Server is compliant with most SCADA clients and lets you quickly connect and configure the ECL controller as a device in a SCADA system. It supports standard Modbus communication protocols via RS485 and/or Ethernet, as well as special read/write algorithms to increase throughout to/from the ECL Comfort 310 controller.
    The OPC Server package also includes a Configurator utility that significantly eases the configuration of the OPC Server.

  • ECL Portal – How to create a user account

  • Your Advantages

    Easy installation

    The installation of the OPC Server software is made easy with the installation wizard. It installs both the Configuration module as well as the Runtime module. After installation you are immediately able to integrate the ECL Comfort controller into the SCADA system. The OPC Server can even be combined with other OPC Servers.


      Easy modifications

      New ECL Comfort controllers can easily be added to the SCADA system at any time by using the Configuration module. From here you can create new areas and groups and assign ECL Comfort controllers to these groups with just a few mouse clicks. Switching to new application keys is also made easy by using the Configuration module as all parameters (PNUs) for the available application keys are predefined.

      Easy configuration

      The Configuration module is a part of the OPC Server software package. It is a valuable tool to ease the integration of an electronic device, like the ECL Comfort controller, into the SCADA system. With the Configuration module you can let the SCADA system use all the predefined parameters (PNUs) for a specific application key with just a few mouse clicks. The engineering units, signal ranges and data types for the parameters can be modified if needed.

      Optimized performance

      The OPC Server has implemented special methods to optimize the performance of reading parameter values in the ECL Comfort controller. This ensures high performance of the SCADA system even when many parameters need to be read from many ECL Comfort controllers.

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