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Danfoss is proud to introduce living by Danfoss, a new range of premium thermostats. They offer superior performance and comfort, while saving energy and cost.

Radiator Thermostats

New Danfoss radiator thermostats awarded most renowned design prize in the world

The living by Danfoss series of electronic radiator thermostats has been awarded the red dot product design prize for 2010. The “red dot” is an internationally recognised quality label for excellent design, acknowledging that the new radiator thermostats not only meet exacting quality standards, but also look and function better than others.

New digital radiator thermostats make it easy to improve comfort and costs

The new living eco® thermostatic radiator valve from Danfoss makes it easier to provide modern families with a simple means of improving energy costs and indoor climate. The latest in intelligent heating control technology, living eco® is programmable and offers a range of digital features. For professional installers and wholesalers it makes installation and stocking easier than ever. 

Design-winning thermostat saves energy and improves indoor climate

A radiator thermostat does not have to be boring and ugly. The new living eco® thermostat from Danfoss has won the 2010 international red dot design award as it looks and functions better than any other thermostats.

An easy way to improve indoor climate and reduce energy costs

The new living eco® radiator thermostat from Danfoss makes it easy to optimize room temperature and save energy. For example, the thermostats automatically turn down the heat during night and when people open the window or are absent. Replacing old radiator thermostats with these new thermostats can reduce heating consumption by 23%*.

New thermostats mean easy control - of costs and comfort

The new living connect® radiator thermostat from Danfoss enables families to control all home radiators from a single location in the house, providing comfortable temperatures, minimizing heating bills and ensuring an optimal indoor climate.

New electronic thermostat system is wireless and quicker to install

The new living connect® electronic thermostat from Danfoss takes thirty seconds to install and can be set up to communicate wirelessly with other thermostats and a central control unit. That means greater heating control and savings for home owners - and increased customer satisfaction and time for installers.

Easy control of your indoor climate with new wireless radiator thermostats from Danfoss

The new living connect® thermostat from Danfoss is a combination of sleek design and smart technology that can help save energy, effort and money.

Smart thermostats from Danfoss mean energy savings

Danfoss has released the new living connect® radiator thermostat, which can reduce heating consumption by 23 percent over conventional thermostats*. Features like precise digital temperature control, open-window detection and timed on-and-off capability help living connect® bring smart technology to indoor heating and give homeowners greater control over cost and comfort.

living by Danfoss animations

living by Danfoss is a new range of premium thermostats.
They offer superior performance and comfort, while saving energy and costs.

Now you can see all the extraordinary features and even try to program the thermostats online.

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