Radiator Thermostats

Sensors for non Danfoss Valves

Danfoss thermostatic sensors, designed for use on valves from other manufacturers.

The products shown on this site represents a part of Danfoss' extensive product range.

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Sensors for non Danfoss Valves

Technical data

Code No.TypeDescriptionSensorColourCapillary tube

For MMA Valves

013G2760 RA 2000-MFrost protection, limiting and locking of temperature set-point, suitable for MMA valvesBuilt-in sensorWhite/RAL 9010-
013G2761 RA 2000-MFrost protection, limiting and locking of temperature set-point, suitable for MMA valvesBuilt-in sensorWhite/RAL 9010-

For TA Valves

013G2770 RA 2000-TFrost protection, limiting and locking of temperature set-point, suitable for TA valvesBuilt-in sensorWhite/RAL 9010-

RAE-H Sensors

013G5035 RAE-HFor Herz valves.Built-in sensorWhite/RAL 9010-

RAE-K Sensors

013G5034 RAE-KFor non Danfoss valves.Built-in sensorWhite/RAL 9010-
013G5134 RAE-KFor non Danfoss valves, positive shut-off feature.Built-in sensorWhite/RAL 9010-

RAS-CK Sensors

013G5025 RAS-CKFor non Danfoss valves, black socket.Built-in sensorWhite/RAL 9010-
013G5926 RAS-CKFor non-Danfoss valves, black socket, limited temperature feature.Built-in sensorBlack/White-

RAW-K Sensors

013G5013 RAW-KRAW-K 5013, IFRemote sensorWhite/RAL 9016-
013G5133 RAW-KIncluding Adapters for connection to Caleffi and Giacomini valvesBuilt-in sensorWhite/RAL 9016 


013G6080 RAX-KFor non Danfoss valves, positive shut-off feature. Built-in sensor White RAL 9016  
013G6180 RAX-KFor non Danfoss valves, positive shut-off feature.Built-in sensor Chrome 


013G7084 RTRW-K 7084 BISRTRW-K 7084 BIS Built-in sensor White/RAL 9016No
013G7086 RTRW-K 7086, RSRTRW-K 7086, RS Remote sensor White/RAL 9016Yes


Manufacturer's Certificate for Self-Acting Sensors and Valves
VCIDL102_200130627.pdf (0.1 Mb), Literature number: VCIDL102, Language: English, Release date: 27/06 2013

Data sheet
Thermostatic Radiator Sensor, Type RAW-K 5013
VDLTC102 RAW5013.pdf (0.5 Mb), Literature number: VDLTC102, Language: English, Release date: 05/05 2017
Thermostatic Sensor RAS-CK
RAS-CK_VDIDF102.pdf (0.6 Mb), Literature number: VDIDF102, Language: English, Release date: 26/10 2013
Thermostatic sensors RAE-K and RAE-H
VDTAC302_X007414en.pdf (0.3 Mb), Literature number: VDTAC302, Language: English, Release date: 04/07 2011
Thermostatic Sensors RAS-C & RAS-CK
VDFNO202_RAS_C_CK_teamcent.pdf (8.8 Mb), Literature number: VDFNO202, Language: English, Release date: 05/05 2011
X-tra Collection, RAX-K design thermostat, for all valves with M30x1.5 connection
RAX-K_VDFNM302.pdf (0.4 Mb), Literature number: VDFNM302, Language: English, Release date: 19/11 2013

Modern heating technology for housing associations
VGLMA202_HousingAssociation_16p_brochure_June2106_low-res.pdf (4.4 Mb), Literature number: VGLMA202, Language: English, Release date: 07/07 2016

Installation Guide RAE sets, RU, CZ, FR, GB, NL
013R9489_A4_RU_CZ_FR_GB_NL_VIFNM120.pdf (0.5 Mb), Literature number: VIFNM12O, Language: (2O) DK,GB,DE,FR,ES,NL,FI,CN,CZ,PL,RU, Release date: 24/01 2011
Instr. RAE-K
instr RAE-K eng.pdf (0.2 Mb), Literature number: VITCI14C, Language: (7L) GB,NL, Release date: 26/05 2016
Instructions, FEE with M30 connection
FEE-M30_VIHMG200_hi-res.pdf (4.4 Mb), Literature number: VIHMG200, Language: No text, Release date: 28/02 2012

ASV automatic balancing valves Smart heating optimization increases your building's lifetime value
VBGWG302_ASV4G_A4_brochure_housing_associations_March2016_low-res.pdf (0.7 Mb), Literature number: VBGWG302, Language: English, Release date: 27/05 2016
Cross-selling brochure for installers
VBFZH202_Sep2014Lowres.pdf (2.3 Mb), Literature number: VBFZH202, Language: English, Release date: 15/09 2014
neza2.pdf (0.7 Mb), Literature number: VBLTS202, Language: English, Release date: 22/06 2017

Introduction to RAE Thermostatic sensor
RAE.swf (0.3 Mb), Literature number: VVYFQ102, Language: English, Release date: 25/08 2006
RA2000 - gas- vs liquid-filled bellows
Gas_vs_Liquid_techVersion.exe (1.0 Mb), Literature number: VVTTZ102, Language: English, Release date: 23/01 2006

Technical papers
Danfoss Yesterday and Today
Danfoss_yesterday_and_today.pdf (0.1 Mb), Literature number: VETLT102, Language: English, Release date: 13/06 2005
Save Up to 20% on Your Heating Bill
Save_up_to_20.pdf (0.1 Mb), Literature number: VETLU102, Language: English, Release date: 13/06 2005
Tech Info EN 215
17_11_08_Tech_info_EN215.xls (4.0 Mb), Literature number: VFLXA502, Language: English, Release date: 08/11 2017
The Danfoss Radiator Thermostat
The_Danfoss_radiator_thermostat.pdf (0.4 Mb), Literature number: VETLV102, Language: English, Release date: 13/06 2005
The present development of thermostatic control in individual rooms
The_present_development.pdf (0.1 Mb), Literature number: VETLW102, Language: English, Release date: 13/06 2005

User Guide
Are you ready for winter?
Prepare_for_winter.pdf (0.1 Mb), Literature number: VUJPA102, Language: English, Release date: 12/09 2014
Tip on energy saving
Save_energy_VUJPB102.pdf (0.4 Mb), Literature number: VUJPB102, Language: English, Release date: 16/09 2014


Accessories for Sensors Locking and anti-theft devices, scale covers, toolkits, adaptors and replacement caps.