3 Port Motorized Valves

Danfoss 3 port "H" series motorized valves are available in a wide range of sizes for both copper and pipework. All valves are 100% tight shut off

3 Port Motorized Valves

Technical data

Code No.TypeDescription

3 Port - Complete Valve and Actuator

087N6654 HS 3DB0.753/4" 3 port paddle type
087N6658 HS 3DB1.01" 3 port paddle type

3 Port - Valve Bodies Only

087N6625 HSV3B22mm 3 port valve body (external compression)
087N6626 HSV3B 0,753/4" 3 port valve
087N6627 HSV3B 0,51/2" 3 port valve (BSP female)
087N6628 HSV3B 1,01" 3 port valve
087N6629 HSV3B1515mm 3 port valve body only (internal compression)
087N6630 HSV3B2828mm 3 port valve body only (external compression)

Valve Actuators 3 Way

087N6587 HSA33 port mid-position valve actuator, 230V ac
087N6588 HSA3CD3 port diverter valve actuator for HSV3B
087N6589 HSA3D3 port diverter valve acuator, 4 wire, with SPDT
087N6590 HSA3ND3 port diverter valve actuator, 2 wire, no Aux Sw, 230V ac
087N6591 HSA3D3 port diverter valve actuator, 4 wire, with SPST Aux Sw, 24V ac
087N6592 HSA3ND3 port diverter valve actuator, 2 wire, no Aux Sw, 24V ac


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HP/HS Zoneafsluiters Instructies
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H Series Motorised Valves
192v04.pdf (0.4 Mb), Literature number: VBRAA212, Language: UK English, Release date: 13/03 2008