TWA Standard Actuators

The thermal actuator TWA range is used with electrical on/off-controls to activate several types of valves and floor heating manifolds. The actuator is equipped with a visual position indicator to show the open or closed position of the valve. The TWA-actuator can be connected to the RA, RAVL and RAV valves from Danfoss. Furthermore versions for valves with M30x1.5 connection are available. The actuator is made for either 24 V (SELV) or 230 V supply in both normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO) versions (valve positions with no supply voltage to the actuator). Furthermore the 24 V actuator for RA valves also comes in a NC/S-version having an end-switch.

TWA Standard Actuators

Technical data

Code No.TypeDescriptionSupply Voltage
Valve FunctionCable Length


088H3110 TWA-ADanfoss RA connection24NC120
088H3111 TWA-ADanfoss RA connection24NO120
088H3112 TWA-ADanfoss RA connection230NC120
088H3113 TWA-ADanfoss RA connection230NO120
088H3114 TWA-ADanfoss RA connection24NC/S (with end-switch)120


088H3140 TWA-KFor Heimeier, MNG and Oventrop valves with M30×1.5 connection24NC120
088H3141 TWA-KFor Heimeier, MNG and Oventrop valves with M30×1.5 connection24NO120
088H3142 TWA-KFor Heimeier, MNG and Oventrop valves with M30×1.5 connection230NC120
088H3143 TWA-KFor Heimeier, MNG and Oventrop valves with M30×1.5 connection230NO120


088H3130 TWA-LDanfoss RAVL connection24NC120
088H3131 TWA-LDanfoss RAVL connection24NO120
088H3132 TWA-LDanfoss RAVL connection230NC120
088H3133 TWA-LDanfoss RAVL connection230NO120


088H3120 TWA-VDanfoss RAV and VMT connection24NC120
088H3121 TWA-VDanfoss RAV and VMT connection24NO120
088H3122 TWA-VDanfoss RAV and VMT connection230NC120
088H3123 TWA-VDanfoss RAV and VMT connection230NO120


3 Documents found: 1 data sheet and 2 instruction

Data sheet
TWA Thermal Wax Actuator
TWA_X001563_VDSAP502.pdf (0.5 Mb), Literature number: VDSAP502, Language: English, Release date: 01/01 2011

Instructions TWA NO/NC
VISBH402.pdf (0.5 Mb), Literature number: VISBH402, Language: English, Release date: 13/08 2013
TWA-A NC/S instructions
TWA VISAQ302.pdf (0.1 Mb), Literature number: VISAQ302, Language: English, Release date: 08/10 2013